The Woman and The Seed

On 27 April we joined a group Witnesses at the Met museum on 5th Avenue Manhattan. The theme of the Tour: The Woman and The Seed. We were all split into groups and our guide was Alan. He is a pioneer. In our group was also ones from local and far. The group included a  couple that had just flown in from Orlando and a couple of bros from San Diego' California.

What a mind boggling tour. It was for us a crippling tour. Walkers would love it. What we learned from the tour was already in the insight book. Well 90pc was. The other 10pc was there in the museum.

Literally hundreds of pictures were taken. We had the explicit instruction not to post any pictures of the items on the internet and although hard for me to resist adding them I must comply.     

About the tour and why I recommend you visit it:

It is all about Gen 3:15. That Jehovah would set up a Woman and a Seed to crush the serpent. We know that the woman is Jehovah's Heavenly Organisation and the seed is Jesus plus the 144000. That we learned very early at the beginning of learning about Jehovah and his wonderful promises to eliminate the sin and death forever.

But what we possibly don't remember learning that is brought out in this "never to be missed" museum educational outing of delightful learning is that Satan has always had a counterfeit Woman and seed who are depicted to crush the serpent

This counterfeit Woman and seed of Satan is identified clearly on this tour.

Eve thought she was herself Jehovah's woman of Gen 3:15 when she bore Cain. She in fact was Satan's first counterfeit woman and Cain turned out in opposition to Jehovah.

Satan then used Nimrod to set up all counterfeit ways of worship and teachings that have continued throughout history right down to today. He set up worship of woman like gods. Also a woman and a seed to crush the serpent. We learned just how Satan has always tried to destroy those who Jehovah is using to lead to His Seed. He (Satan) has tried to corrupt or wipe them out. Our guide Alan is extremely clued up as I am informed are all the Oasis guides. I can only encourage you if visiting NY's Met Museum and Brooklyn Bethel to wear comfy shoes. Dress smart casual for the Met (no jeans as I did feel out-of-place) and make sure you are on the museum tour called The Woman and the Seed.

(For Bethel visit congregations have a guide on what to wear)

It is all about Gen 3:15 and we clearly identify that Satan's counterfeit woman is more important in his way than his counterfeit seed. Satan's woman is always to do with fertility. We clearly identify how Satan is using Christendom  today to keep pushing his counterfeit teachings.      

Something to shock visitors to NY is, who the Statue of Liberty is based upon and whose image it is (?) Now this was another eye-opener. We now see why the NY brothers have stopped taking their visitors to that statute (if i give you all the answers you won't go to the Oasis tour.) 

We had the extra privilege of seeing on a tour those of the next Gilead class. There was a couple from North Korea who had gotten out years ago.   And a couple from Germany who recognised me from 20 years back when our congregation had hosted the pioneer school. I must apologise and say I did not remember their names.

Next week it is the Integrity tour we will be going on at the Met museum.

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Pictures I can share: 

Alan our Oasis Tour Guide

Next Gilead.. couple from Korea

Next Gilead..couple from Britain (Germany)

Met tour ... intense note taking

Alan our Oasis Tour Guide

Completely absorbing.

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