Bible Highlights

(UPDATED in January 2015) 

Create Your Own Bible Highlights Using WT Library CD

First of all open up a blank word processing document

1. Open up cd library
2. In search area type Bible book name and chapter e.g. Numbers 27
3. Look for the Reference Works box - a list of DX reference for each verse for which there is a reference will appear
4. Select a chapter and verse e.g. Numbers 27:20
5. Available references will appear in blue
6. Right click on each reference as required and select "extract"
6. The material will appear on the right hand side
7. In edit select all
8. Select copy
9. Select paste
10. Edit in document as required

Do this for each verse or a particular chapter and verse you are interested in.

Contributed by David


Another version how to do it

Another Version of How to Create Your on Bible Highlights from the WT Library CD.

1. Open up WT Library CD

2. In search area type bible book name and chapters (Numbers 22-25). Hit search. You could also do it for the whole chapter of Numbers at one time.

3. Look for Reference Works. Click on it.

4. Click on the first item on the list. It will send the whole list plus more to the right hand of your screen.

5. On the right hand side, highlight all the chapters and verses you want to include.

6. Right click

7. Hit extract

8. Choose Bible Citations, Public References, Questions, Footnotes. Hit next. If you do not want all the information, you will have a chance to uncheck items. Hit Finish.

You can change the scripture citations to all caps so they stand out.

To do this go to Library, Properties, Citations, check All Capitals

Now your scripture will be at the beginning of the highlights.